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Transforming the global training sector
What would it take to revolutionise the entire global training sector? At 3T, we’re confident the answer lies in our truly transformative technology. Technology such as booking and scheduling software, and e-commerce platforms that can impact each client’s organisation, powering their entire business, driving operational evolution and promoting greater efficiency.
Unrivalled industry experts
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Unlock your business-efficiency potential
Our transformative technology can ensure your business runs more efficiently, reducing overheads and powering up your operational evolution.
Enhance your client offering
Thanks to our advanced e-learn, v-learn and simulator-course directory, as well as software solutions such as delegate apps, you can greatly enhance your clients’ learning experience.
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Technology that will truly transform your business
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Our booking and scheduling software, together with e-commerce platforms, promote greater efficiency and reduce overheads to improve profitability. Powerful scheduling tools allow you to plan your own training calendar as well as access and manage your instructors’ training diaries too. This seamless and paperless operation cuts costs and creates an enhanced delegate experience via in-class, e-learning and delegate onboarding, with support and customer care as standard.
A new age in global training has arrived. Get in touch to find out more and see how we can help to transform your business.