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Transform the way your business trains its people
At 3T, we believe that by enhancing the skills, knowledge and performance of your company’s workforce, we can help increase your profitability.

That’s why we offer unparalleled access to more than 450 of our individual training courses. This innovative portfolio enables businesses to boost efficiency and provide a market-leading customer experience right across the board.
Stimulate enhanced productivity and healthier financial returns
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Building workforce skills and knowledge
Our comprehensive directory of practical, globally available, e-learn, v-learn and simulator training ensures a flexible and responsive way to enhance learning.
Boost operational performance
Unlock your workforce’s potential with best-practice awareness and team proficiency for safer working methods and improved skill sets.
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Operational transformation
Our real-time intelligence offering increases overall operational efficiency, significantly reducing operational downtime. Thanks to its 20:20:20 saving model you’ll benefit from a 20% saving on training through exclusive partnerships and paperless operation. A further 20% saving on travel and accommodation through software management to source appropriate training locations for staff. And thanks to better training, skill and competence testing you’ll see a 20% increase in efficiency and performance which will allow you to plug any skill gaps. These solutions also deliver increased health and safety performance, as well as improved quality contributing to healthier financial returns.
Technology that will truly transform your business
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We offer a full training management solution where we can take care of all your training needs.We manage everything from job role training matrices management and compliance to course booking, travel and accommodation. Everything is taken care of.
A new age in global training has arrived. Get in touch to find out more and see how we can help to transform your business.